Saturday, August 27, 2011

Graphic Design Download Links

  • Inkscape - Vector image editor/creator, compare to Adobe Illustrator. Win/Mac/Linux
  • Gimp - Bitmap image editor/creator, compare to Adobe PhotoShop. Win/Mac/Linux
  • Scribus - Desktop Publisher, compare to Adobe InDesign or QuarkXPress. Win/Mac/Linux
  • Kompozer - Graphical web page building tool (wysiwyg), compare to Adobe DreamWeaver. Win/Mac/Linux
  • FontForge - Font editor/creator, supports many formats. Can also convert one format to another. Win/Mac/Linux
  • Pencil - Simple 2D Animation. (For advanced 2D animation, see Synfig Studio). Win/Mac/Linux
  • Blender - 3D Imaging and Animation, compare to 3D Studio Max or Maya. Win/Mac/Linux
  • Sketchup - Can be used to build 3d models, compare to a simple CAD program. Free/Paid Versions. Win/Mac
  • IrfanVeiwer - Advanced batch image resizing, reformating, and renaming tool. (see PixResizer for a simple and quick batch resizer). Win only
  • Textorizer - Recreates an image using only text. Various customizable parameters. Win/Mac/Linux



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